Who We Are

There’s been huge changes to our food chain in the last 50 years. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, our vegetables and fruit were grown very differently and the pesticides used were a lot more natural. When I was 10, there was one McDonalds in Canberra and now fast food is on every corner. Our parents cooked from scratch using wholesome ingredients. Food is meant to be life to our body, but so much of what we eat and drink now has the opposite effect.

My love affair with healthy eating and the knowledge of why we should look after our body began in my teenage years in the 1980’s. I enjoyed Margaret Fulton’s cookbooks as she presented new creative concepts like cooking with legumes, beans and flavours from other countries. Australians began to move away from the staple, meat and 3 veg! 

So fast forward to 2013 I began to look deeper into why there is such an epidemic of lifestyle disease   and why children’s health is being so effected. Lou and I sat around my kitchen table and started researching about the body; how to look after it and feed it what it needs so that our body can do what it was designed to do (and does very well), Heal, Build and Restore itself. 

After over a 1,000 hours of research, many frustrations as we carved pathways in our brain to understand the wonders of the human body, and many many belly laughs, the journey has landed us here, A Life to Live!

Australia uses some of the most toxic pesticides on our crops. Many of them have been banned for use in the EU countries and 20 of them have been declared ‘highly hazardous and toxic’ to the human body. The beautiful strawberry, a household staple, is not so beautiful with over 24 pesticides used.

So as a practical way to help people, we started doing affordable certified organic veg & fruit boxes in Lou’s garage with 2 customers and it’s grown from there. We now have a shop in Robina that is home to our veg & fruit boxes and we deliver to Gold Coast homes.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I’d be the owner of an organic veg & fruit shop, but here we are and one of my greatest joys is encouraging and helping people on their health journey. 

We’re passionate about Gold Coasters eating more organic veg & fruit and making it as easy, accessible and affordable as possible…and that’s why our Boxes of Goodness work. 

Vegetables and fruit need to be the foundation of our weekly eating if we want to live in great health with longevity. There’s no way around this. Australia’s alarming health statistics tell us that 1 in 10 Aussies eat enough vegetables to live in good health. But we change this! 

I’ve talked to hundreds of people, mainly mums, over the last few years. Families are struggling to eat well. They know they should, but it’s hard. We’re all time poor and we want quick, easy and tasty. Food manufacturers have risen to this challenge and so we’ve stopped eating living colour.

Our boxes of certified organic veg & fruit are so wonderful. They are pure living goodness and getting through a box in a week, or a fortnight, is a great place to start your health journey.

We can feel great, live with vitality, and age with strength and beauty.


Your Life Matters and is of great value.

Love Bec xx


I’ve been getting a staple box of veggies from A Life to Live for over two and a half years and I can’t see it stopping soon. Why? The quality is amazing and the value is great. The produce is so fresh and you know that everything in the box is in season and has been packed with love. If there’s something in the box that I don’t want, it’s easy to swap for something that I need so there is never any wastage at the end of the week. The service is friendly so going into the shop is always such a pleasure and I’m always greeted with beautiful smiles from whoever is working there. I tell everyone about A Life to Live affordable organics so that they can feed their body’s with nutritious organic fruits and vegetables.

Clear Island Waters

We have been getting a weekly box since the beginning and we love the produce. We know how important it is to eat organic and A Life to Live makes it easy and affordable for our family. There is no comparison to the quality food and service we get.


I have been a customer of A Life to Live for the past 3 years and absolutely love the service and quality of the produce they provide. It’s seasonal and hasn’t been sitting in cold storage for months and months and tastes amazing. The boxes have a great variety of vegetables so we incorporate veggies into our diet that we wouldn’t typically purchase. Another win! There are a couple of veggies that I am sadly intolerant to & my partner doesn’t like so having the flexibility to swap items is great. I don’t particularly enjoy going to the farmer’s markets on the weekends, so picking up a box weekly makes it so much easier. No hassle! Bec and the team are so accommodating and friendly, such a pleasure to deal with. There have been a few times when I’ve had to change collection days, etc at the last minute and nothing is ever a hassle.

Varsity Lakes

I get my organic fruit and veg box delivered every week from A Life to Live. I love the personal service and the quality of the produce. I love that I can swap out what I don’t want for what I need, and the convenience of having it delivered straight to my door each week. I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends.


I’ve been getting a box of organics from A Life to Live for over 2 years and absolutely love it! Originally I intended to try out a few local places then decide on my favourite but the produce was so fresh, delicious and reasonably priced that I couldn’t bare to go anywhere else and risk missing out on the next box. It’s my healthy addiction. Ha! Each week I save time by not racing around the shops as the team have loving selected what’s in my box. I save money as the box is such great value. Everything gets eaten and nothing goes to waste. I’ve just started getting it delivered and I wish I’d done it sooner. It’s so convenient to have organic fresh fruit and veg arrive at my doorstep.

Palm Beach

A Life to Live makes eating organically so much more convenient and affordable. The produce tastes amazing and I have a clear conscience knowing my fruit and veg are chemical free. I always look forward to seeing Bec and the team on box day. They all genuinely care about my health and well being and seeing them renews my motivation to put in the effort to eat healthier each week. I highly recommend everyone to give A Live to Live organic boxes a go! You won’t regret it!


My organic veggie delivery every fortnight has turned my life around! The produce is consistently excellent and I’m eating a lot healthier. Getting it dropped off to my door saves so much time.